that sugar coated iceberg tastes so sweet

Curious, isn’t it, how the sunshine can change your day? It’s the little things, like the fact that walking from shop to shop isn’t so daunting. I really hope the weather keeps itself up; cider in Somerset tastes much better when served with a dash of sunshine. Here’s hoping.

My thoughts at the moment are entirely preoccupied with Glastonbury. You know, which shorts to wear on which day and which drinks to drink in which order on which days. And that’s without the music. But now that it’s on my mind so constantly, I fear that the next 3 weeks will be the slowest yet. I’m just glad that the football will start soon and distract me, if only for a few minutes at a time. Speaking of which, how very exciting is the prospect of watching England on the Pyramid Stage….!

Here’s a picture I took in 2007. It pretty much sums up why I want to be there right now.


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the romantic tough school of writing

We stood then watching our friend Buddy, fated with life, nod and move on after Rosie, his pure heart beating to the tune of her sweet heels. The wings of mystic time beat down on us then, white with snowflakes, time that would whirl us all after our Rosies death and the frame-house funeral. Tragic and beautiful to see our Buddy move on out into the immemorial dance of fated snow-flakes, the dry rime rhyming on his collar. And the love that went out from us to him then was fantastic, true-volumned, sad-faced and innocent of the purposes of time, but true and in fact serious.