i’m a heavy-headed girl

(don’t ask me how i got this way / ’cause it’s been too long to tell)

Otherwise inconsequential walks down the road are doused in a new hue. There are trifling trips to the British seaside / picnic tables in anchoring market pubs / trains too hot or trains too cold / tanned shoulders in spaghetti-strap camis / impromptu backyard parties / late-night running / the south of France / shandy. Thank you, sunshine, for reminding me where the hope is kept.




and i adore the surprise of tomorrow’s sunrise, so i linger.

the destroyers in the bimble inn. i am kloot playing northern skies. the back-to-back anthems of chic and nile rodgers. singing i wonder with rodriguez and across 110th street with bobby womack. the motown night in william’s green. the reggae night in the london underground. the relentless sunshine and vodka-surprises and true stories. finding people when you need them most. crying sunday. a blanketed monday morning sunrise. dizzee, dizzee, dizzee.