i’m bewildered, for we’re strangers when we meet.

I have basically got three songs on rotating repeat at the moment. It’s that sort of time. The Pretenders – Don’t Get Me Wrong, David Bowie – Strangers When We Meet, and a third which shall remain nameless because it’s a big fat guilty pleasure. (Some of you might argue that The Pretenders should also be on the guilty pleasure list, but that’s where we would disagree.) This loop will hopefully be broken tomorrow though, as I’m heading south to spend some much needed time in the sun with family, friends and fizz. Basically, I can’t wait.


don’t get me wrong…

…if i’m looking kind of dazzled,
i see neon lights, whenever you walk by.
don’t get me wrong, if you say ‘hello’ and i take a ride
upon the sea where the mystic moon is playing havoc with the tide,
don’t get me wrong.
don’t get me wrong if i’m acting so distracted,
i’m thinking about the fireworks that go off when you smile.

music, photography

whenever she’s feeling empty

…whenever she’s feeling insecure,
whenever her face is frozen,
unable to fake it anymore,
her shadow is always with her,
her shadow can always keep her small,
so frightened that he won’t love her,
she builds up a wall.

oh no, she knows where to hide in the dark.
oh no, she’s nowhere to hide in the dark.
she’s a star. she’s a star.

she’s been in diguise forever,
she’s tried to disguise her stellar fuse,
much brighter than all this static,
now she’s coming through.

don’t tell her to turn down,
put on your shades if you can’t see.
don’t tell her to turn down,
turn up the flame,
she’s a star.


when she passes i smile, but she just doesn’t see

You probably guessed from yesterday’s blog that I’m having a moment with Dionne. It’s to be expected, really. But I’ve just discovered her singing The Girl From Ipanema with Sacha Distel. I’m not entirely sure how it’s possible, but I’ve never heard it before and am suitably blown away. I’ve always had a love affair with this song – in fact, would you believe me if I told you it features in my first ever blog post?….Here. So, from that blog post a little under three years ago, to now. It appears I haven’t moved any further forward. Either that or I’m just referring back. Whatever. Watch and learn (them, not me, of course).