i’m your little life-giver

Down in the valley,
where the fields are green,
watch my luck turn, fro and to;
pluck every last daisy clean,
’til only I may love you.

Nostalgia, for a change; another spring/summer/autumn/winter down and seeing in the New Year the only way I know how – dancing to Northern Soul in my trainers. Taking centre stage last year, as ever, was the music – but of course there were some drinks to be had and some big skies to behold too. The following is hardly comprehensive, but maybe I’ll do a better job at being just that in 2015, with a fully functioning blog and some not-too-shabby plans to my name.

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fashion, music

i swam upon the devil’s lake…i’ll never make the same mistake

I write this on a rare evening off. I’m currently wading my way through a 63-hour week. It’s a pretty useful distraction though, I have to say, as I certainly need my time filling these days. I’ve got myself into a bit of a routine (well obviously – my life is one big routine, broken down into sub-routines), which includes a midday fashion fix. I mean, got to start planning for when I’m rich, right? [The image that caught my eye today is below. I don’t know who she is but she’s reppin’ that jumper and can I be her?] Meanwhile, I have also been known to treat myself to a diet coke, a coffee, five minutes on the balcony looking across the rest of the city, or a quick walk around the next-door art gallery. My headphones are a permanent fixture. Not sure what I’d do without those.