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let’s take that road before us and sing a chorus or two

I’ve been something of a lousy blogger this week. My apologies. When I’ve not been being knocked over by the ferocious winds, I’ve been working. And when I’ve not been working, I’ve been sleeping/eating/reading/etc. Today, however, I am blogging and then CHRISTMAS SHOPPING. I’ve got to get totally organised as I’ve got less than a handful of days left free before the day itself. I’m even going to whack on a Christmas jumper to keep myself on track. The main plan for today is to make sure I don’t try on or, much more importantly, BUY anything for/pertaining-to-in-any-way myself. That’s the aim. Whether it happens or not is a different kettle of roasting-chestnuts entirely. If I do come back with something for myself (not that I’ll be telling you lot, let alone admitting it to myself), you have my permission to pull a face like Twiggy’s below. A bientot!

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lively up yourself and don’t be no drag

I must say, the new year has a tendency to make me feel nervous. I don’t mean about looking forward, but looking back. Nostalgia that powerful is nerve-inducing, don’t you think? Or maybe I’m misreading my feelings. Looking at my phone photos from the last year is one thing that inspires such nostalgia. I have always loved phone photos. When I was at university I used to ask all my friends to send me the photos they had taken on their phones; I always thought they captured the best moments and I was desperate not to lose those. They’re uncontrived, spontaneous, sometimes hilarious, sometimes sad, or even mundane; but I love that. If ever I worry that my memory might fail me, I look through my phone photos and get comfort from the fact that they can remind me of the trivial and everyday and unexpected things I’ve seen and the moments of laughter that I might otherwise have forgotten. It’s my therapy. So, here’s my 2010 in a selection of fabulous phone photos (oh, and apologies if this is the longest post, like ever)…

January: snow and records.

February: an emerging sunshine and trof.

March: the exceptionally blue skies must’ve made me feel pensive and arty. March was a busy one.

April and May: apparently I lost my spring-spark – this is all I’ve got.

June: shopping for that somerset thing and hoping we’d win.

July: oooh, a new photography app. And clouds and tights and recipes.


September: buttons and berries. Strangeways, here we come.

October: after work drinks and my doodle of the boy. Amazing.

November: freezing cold football, new shoes, big hands, protests.

December: christmas trees, cold feet and tba.

New Years Eve: I went out by mistake. Here’s the only evidence I could find.

So, there you have it. Apologies for the massively self-indulgent post. Though I must say, there’s lots of weather going on in those. Something for everyone! As for 31st December, let’s just say I’m lucky to have come home with a phone at all. See you soon, folks! x