fads of the week

I’ve missed two fads in a row. For that I can only apologise. The first time was self-inflicted illness, the second was illness-illness. Now, I’ve got no excuses. So here you are:


Right, so I’ll admit it: I’ve been spending too much on clothes lately. Call it a shopping fad, if you will. I just can’t help myself! Especially when it comes to American Apparel. I’m sure they see me coming, every time. I’m trying to counteract any purchases by selling on ebay, but the ratios definitely aren’t up to scratch yet. So I’m taking action with a self-imposed shopping-ban. Is such a thing likely to work? Meh. I can dream.

My New Bag.

When I was in London a couple of weeks ago, I accidentally stumbled across my latest must-have bag in Topshop (I wasn’t even looking for a bag – that’s just how these things roll sometimes). I was with my Mum and she kindly treated me to it. It’s basically an exact copy of the Celine doctor’s bag (and about as close to one of those as I’m ever going to get). I love it.

My New Coat.

So, as it happens, I completed the winter-coat challenge with relative ease this year. Went back to my indie roots and sorted myself out a parka. Only problem being that I opened the Guardian yesterday to find a full on article about my coat. Not just the coat itself casually strewn amongst other items, but the coat singled out and talked about all by itself. And there was I, wanting to keep it on the lowdown. TUT. Not going to perpetuate the problem by revealing the coat here. Instead, a picture by association.

Christmas. Ha!

Now, I’m not usually one to get excited about this sort of thing until the twelfth month rolls around, but since time is evaporating on me these days, I know it will be here before we know it. It is for this reason that I felt my first Christmas pang yesterday. Helped by the fact that the John Lewis Christmas catalogue came with the paper. Oh yes, I had myself a little nose at that. Have concluded that this year I need some Christmas paraphernalia. You know, like a Christmas pudding bin bag or something along those lines.

Mad about the boy.

This week will mark our fifth anniversary. Who’d’ve thought it, eh? Well, everyone probably. We’re not going to do much (because I’ve spent all my money on clothes and he’s spent all of his on unfathomable computer parts) but we’ll probably eat some fancy food together at some point. So to mark this occasion: a song. I’d never be so cringeworthy as to say it’s our song. But. Well. It kind of is.


we fell in love on a wednesday mornin’

When I walked into Topshop the other day, I did immediately regret having my hairstyle changed recently. You’ll remember how I deliberated over it massively (I might’ve even mentioned it once or twice). But in the end I did it. Got rid of the beautiful bowl and had a fringe properly cut in. Partly because it’s much easier for me to maintain myself (my hairdresser lives down south, don’tcha know) and partly because I think I might actually want to get to a stage where I can tie it up for once. But anyway, when I saw these mannequins, I felt instant, gnawing regret. Apparently, I was just way ahead of the game. P.S. Excuse the terrible picture – I always feel naughty/stealthy/rushed when taking photos in shops, as if they’ll think I’m trying to steal their ideas (when in fact they’ve rudely stolen mine).


don’t believe a word that i haven’t heard

So. I’m embarking on a couple of days off. Would be nice if my feet weren’t in TATTERS. I have wounds on the back of my heels induced by some simple new Topshop pumps (unbearable even with plasters/socks etc). I also have a Russell and Bromley induced blister on my little toe and tan-leather stains all over. (Not to mention the sore nail and the fake tan disaster areas – yeah, you didn’t want to know about those bits). So basically I want to stay at home with my bare feet in a breeze, please. I’m pretty sure breaking-in shoes isn’t meant to be this traumatic? I bet it doesn’t happen to elegant people. No but seriously, once my feet have been scrubbed/bandaged and are battle-ready, I’m hoping to actually venture out of the house. I want to go for some food, see Harry Potter, sit on some grass and browse some shops. Here’s hoping my feet will actually take me there.


it’s nice to get out in the morning

Overheard the most amusing conversation in the Topshop changing rooms this afternoon. (Yes, I was in the Topshop changing rooms, depressing myself by trying to squeeze into impossibly small and impossibly short shorts). Anyway, it went a little something like this:

Girl 1: Ohh god, I’ve put weight on.
Girl 2: No, you haven’t.
Girl 1: I have.
Girl 2: You haven’t, I can see you with my eyes, and you haven’t.
Girl 1: Oh god, I think I need the 12. Ohhhh.
Girl 2: Just go and get a 12 then. No-one will know!
Girl 1: I can’t go and get the 12!
Girl 2: Why not? I’ll go and get it for you.
Girl 1: No, no. I’ll just get the 10 and go on a diet.

Ha! The ‘I can see you with my eyes’ bit was my favourite. All the while I was having the exact same battle in my own head. And of course this conversation can be heard verbatim in a changing room near you. Go and listen, if only for entertainment value.

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we’ll run away from home, see the fountains of rome or maybe amsterdam

The boy and I have got a few days off together. Call it a holiday, if you will. We’re not going anywhere, but have just decided to spend the time sorting out the flat, stocking up the cupboards (we did our first ever online food shop – which I found far more exciting than I should), culling the wardrobe (which I find far easier than I thought I would – I can be ruddy ruthless, don’tcha know), all whilst continuing the ever-fruitless job hunt and creativity quest. Today we could even be found making some home-made bunting (out of the not-good-enough-for-charity wardrobe culls); if that’s not deviceful and staycation-ish, then I don’t know what is.

This evening we are staying in. All part and parcel of the staycation, you see. The boy has made me a g&t (he’s even given me two green straws to match the limes and folded one straw down in a cocktail-like manner – pluspointsplease). So, with a drink by my side, I decided I’d settle down with the laptop and share some groundbreaking photos (said with only mild disdain, of course). The boy took them of me on our little trip out to buy some ribbon for bunting – who’d’ve ever thought it. I am wearing: Rokit vintage shirt, shorts and belt, Urban Outfitters coat, satchel and necklace, and Topshop Aruba boots.