i know a place. i’ll take you there.

I’m never sure how to do this, other than: the Charlatans kicking it off with the best ones. That bit of masking tape letting me know the Albion was on course. Run them jewels (fast). King Creosote’s impromptu stand-ins in the Crow’s Nest making everything okay. Mavis Staples taking us there. Ain’t nobody tired. Singing happy birthday to the Dalai Lama. Belle and Sebastian in the Sunday evening sun. Who are you?


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oh my friend you haven’t changed, you’re looking rough and living strange

So, I’ve got the afternoon off. I planned to come home and send out a few emails, you know, catch up on my admin. But no. Hotmail is not working. For, I think, the first time ever? So now I feel stranded. I’ve just had a banana and a diet coke. And that’s about all I have to report. Oh, apart from the fact that when I wore my new jeans for the first time the other day, they ended up with beer all over them (booze Britain) so I washed them immediately. Stepped out in them for the second time today and have come home with mud splashed up the back of my leg. It’s not even raining? Only me. Harumph. And now, because I’m so annoyed about all of the above and more, here’s an aesthetically pleasing picture.