working for the city (she has to discipline her body)

What is it about train journeys through cities? Or train journeys to a city? There’s something so poignant in it. Part pride and part discovery and part choking-nostalgia. I’ve never forgotten the muddled way I felt as that S-Bahn train picked it’s grey way to Berlin. Or the familiar rise every time I saw the Hat Museum in Stockport and knew that Manchester could only be minutes away. And those sudden brick walls that enclose the train and seem to touch the sky and mean you’re in Liverpool now. Sometimes I don’t think you can be fully indebted to a city until you have looked upon it through the windows of a train.

And so, to London. The ways you can train to it and through it are so many and so varied that I could never tire of it. Here’s how I saw it (once).


i’ll be the wind, the rain and the sunset, the light on your door to show that you’re home

Hello. It’s been a while, ay. I’ve had a week’s holiday, you see; celebrated my birthday and headed down to the homeland with the boy in tow. It was suitably lovely and booze-fuelled and I had my hair cut, at last. We spent some touristy-type-time in London (the boy’s a real tourist, after all) and we also popped down to Brighton and nearly got blown away. The wind was so strong that we had to find shelter in Jamie’s Italian – it’s definitely a cut above the usual and I highly recommend.

We went to some rather trendy, lovely and as yet untainted places in London – I will fill you in further on all of that once I get my photographs developed. Couldn’t possibly tell a story without those. But for now, a few clues from my phone…