fads of the week

Anyone who knows me will be familiar with the fact that I’m something of a faddy and whimsical girl with a propensity for short-term infatuations. What I love this week, may well be forgotten about the next. With this in mind, I’ve decided to do a weekly feature on exactly that. Five things that are going up in my world right now. You’ll soon see that my infatuations can be very wide-ranging and peculiar. So, here you have it: my fads of this week.

Interior Design.
At the moment, I have a particularly soft-spot for vintage pouffes. I also love to collect anything made from amber glass. The silly thing is, we RENT. I wish I could store my landlord’s furniture on the roof, to make room for my recent [more tasteful] acquirements, but instead we are forced to CRAM. But seriously, I spend an inordinate amount of time collating images (day-dreaming/wanting/fad-ing) of interior design spaces that I love, for future reference. Only, I wish I could act upon it now. I’m sure the boy doesn’t feel as broody for furniture as I do, but this can only be a good thing, as it means I will be sure to get my own learned way, when the time does eventually come. Ha!

Yep. You got it. One day I WILL speak French. One day I will be chic and live in Paris and like dogs and jam and buy fresh bread daily. One day, I WILL be a lady. Je pense que ouais.

Irma Thomas.
Counting every drop, about to blow my top, I wish this rain would hurry up and stop; I’ve got the blues so bad, I can hardly catch my breath – the harder it rains, the worse it gets. One day, magically, I’ll be able to sing like Irma. No but seriously, her voice makes me ache and long for all the things I can’t do and all the things I can’t have. Girl got it good.

Tax Rebates.
Sometimes, they come when you least expect them. Like, you know, for the first time EVER and three years late. If I’m honest, the first thing that sprung to mind? Well actually, it was two things. In quick succession. Berlin. Followed swiftly and seamlessy by: Russell and Bromley. (Is that three?). No but seriously, who could go to Berlin without a new pair? Haaaa. This fad will end soon, I promise. It MUST end soon so I can resume normal, basic-shoed, life. (Please, let me forget you ever existed).

I’m sure I read somewhere once that it’s entirely possible to crave the good old red stuff. I can’t remember the last time I indulged on a fancy plate of steak and chips. I must rectify this soon. It’s not the sort of thing I would cook myself (I will never succumb to the chip-pan and/or oven-chip). So steakhouse date is to be soon. In a bit, Sirloin lad.


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