fads of the week

Topshop Petite.
Once again Topshop Petite came to my rescue this week. They are the only jeans that fit/look how I want/come in miniscule leg-lengths. And I was kind of worried that they were burgundy, because I hate burgundy, but the boy kindly informed me they are in fact CLARET, which explains the whole me-liking-them thing. As much as I thank Topshop Petite for providing such a wonderful service, I do think I should be slightly concerned about the fact that my leg-length is a lower number than my waist. Note to self: must work on that.

I’ve made the seasonal transition from frappe latte to just a latte (an extra shot if the occasion requires it). I must say I’m thoroughly enjoying them. My favourite thing though, it has to be said, is the cardboard sleeve around the cup.

I need one. Like, now. I mean one where I don’t feel guilty and anxious. A proper rest where I can pretend life is not passing me by far too quickly. And I can drink without hangovers and eat with abandon. Any offers of a beach-break or city-break or log cabin or cosy cottage would be gratefully received. Ta.

Alone In Berlin.
(Did I just say I need a holiday? No, Berlin’s not on the brain at all.) I just finished Alone In Berlin by Hans Fallada. I do love a good wartime novel. This one is a translation though, so it wasn’t as epic as I was hoping. If anything, it made me wish I could read German. Still good though. Worth a read.

The Future.
So, having celebrated our fifth anniversary this week, I’m naturally thinking ahead. Like, where will we be in another five years? There’s a million things we want to do. Hopefully we’ll have bloody done some of them! But anything could happen in that time. I already have a bad habit of factoring for the unexpected and tragic – I plan to knock that on the head. As it stands, we’re both just looking forwards in anticipation. See, here’s me, looking forwards.


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  1. Hi, I’m reading Alone In Berlin at the moment. Enjoying it so far, but haven’t got far enough in yet. Thanks for your comment on my blog 😉 The bowl (my favourite thing at the mo), is Marimekko from the ‘In Good Company’ range. I don’t think you can get it directly from Marimekko anymore, but there are still various online stores doing them. I got mine from Skandium in London. Have a nice weekend 🙂

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