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she was electric blue, catching the last of the light.

…and then we went to Festival No.6 in Portmeirion. It’s been years since I’ve been to what I’ll hesitantly refer too as a ‘smaller’ festival, and I had the loveliest time getting reacquainted with it. We made friends for life and discovered some sublime new music – both of which tend to evade me when I surrender myself to those hectic few days a year on Worthy Farm (not that I’d change that for the world) – and on top of those accidental perks, we saw Badly Drawn Boy in the woods (who closed with the Stone Roses’ I Wanna Be Adored), made it into two 100-capacity Town Hall sets with the No.6 Ensemble (Gaz Coombes and James, no less), caught Steve Coogan and Chris Gifford in the Central Piazza, watched our beloveds – Belle & Sebastian and King Creosote – headline, and fell in love with the Brythoniaid Choir daily. All that’s left to say is: be seeing you.

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whenever she’s feeling empty

…whenever she’s feeling insecure,
whenever her face is frozen,
unable to fake it anymore,
her shadow is always with her,
her shadow can always keep her small,
so frightened that he won’t love her,
she builds up a wall.

oh no, she knows where to hide in the dark.
oh no, she’s nowhere to hide in the dark.
she’s a star. she’s a star.

she’s been in diguise forever,
she’s tried to disguise her stellar fuse,
much brighter than all this static,
now she’s coming through.

don’t tell her to turn down,
put on your shades if you can’t see.
don’t tell her to turn down,
turn up the flame,
she’s a star.