no, i’m not leaving exactly as i came.

When Hans took his first step away from her, Sophie cried
out: ‘Wait.’ He wheeled round.

‘Thank you.’

‘I was thinking of saying the same to you. Thank you.’

Hans walked down Glass Alley. His shadow glided from one
window to the next. Sophie stood watching him and her eyes
felt cold. She was still aware of the pang in her gut she had been
feeling since she arrived at the café, yet she felt strangely content.

She hurried down two streets until she caught up with Elsa.
He strode towards the market square. Looked at from above,
from a high balcony or a slit window in the Tower of the Wind,
they might have seemed like two insignificant creatures, two
flecks on the snow. Looked at from the ground, they were two
people weighed down by life.


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