dark and dusty painted on the sky

Hello. Just incase any of you were worried, I have indeed made it home from Somerset. However, I cannot say the same for my head and heart. They are suffering from a full blown case of Glastonbury jet-lag. Reality gets more difficult each year. I have spent the last few days trying to get my voice back and trying to get back into some sort of English time-zone and trying to muddle through the masses of photos – in essence, trying to cling on to all memories I can. Here’s a little taste of what I can remember (with thanks to my camera), but I promise there’s much more to come (not least the dispoable snaps which capture the quality of the air perfectly)…


2 thoughts on “dark and dusty painted on the sky

  1. logsylou says:

    If only the recovery didn’t get harder each time! I’m still struggling to think, here. Glad you liked the photos though, plenty more to come. x

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