don’t waste your words, i don’t need anything from you

…i don’t care where you’ve been, or what you plan to do.

Easter Sunday what? Yeah, I’m working, you’re all bored of hearing that. But I’m not bothered because it’s Easter Sunday, in particular; I’m just bothered because it’s Sunday in general, the sun’s out, and everyone else I know is off. I’m so far removed from the religious side of Easter these days – ever since I left school, I suppose. Its meaning has just gradually diluted in time. And while I’m in no way perturbed by this, it does make me wonder what will happen to Easter in the future; how much further will that dilution go? If I ever have children, will I bother to impart on them the religious meaning of the holiday and proceed to explain why hot cross buns have a cross on them, or will I tell them it’s simply a celebration of Spring and a convenient time to regroup and be thankful? But if I go for the latter, I do run the risk of them coming home from school and saying Who’s this man who died and on the third day rose again, in accordance with the scriptures? (See, it’s all still ingrained in there, somewhere). Oh, Easter shmeaster. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it (which will be no time soon, don’t worry). For now though, The Stone Roses (as close to the Resurrection as I’ll be going) and a bit of chocolate egg…


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