got a tv set and a radio for seven shillings a week, shangri-la

Sunday. My favourite. Woke up slightly groggy, but a bacon buttie sorted me right out. Gonna head out soon to get the paper and other essential supplies, then come home and set up camp for the afternoon. Lahvely.

But first, as promised, I’m going to give you a sneaky look into another of my bookshelf gems. And in the spirit of continuity it’s going to be another Vogue one. This time it’s called ‘Vogue Fashion’ and is basically just a chronological look at all the designers who’ve been significant in Vogue since the 1900s. It’s a rather brilliant book, the passing of time it chronicles is endlessly fascinating (plus I can’t believe how 90s the the 90s look, if you know what I mean). It’s bit of a bible really. Enjoy!

Vogue Fashion

Vogue Fashion0001

Vogue Fashion0002

Vogue Fashion0003

Vogue Fashion0004

Vogue Fashion0005

Vogue Fashion0006

Vogue Fashion0007

Vogue Fashion0008

Vogue Fashion0009

Vogue Fashion0010


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