dreamed a dream by the old canal

I think I promised some Berlin photos a while I go, didn’t I? I know, I know, I’ve taken my time. But these things musn’t be rushed. However, I’m going on holiday again soon (Rome, with my mummy, if you must know!) so figured I should get these out of the way first and leave a creative space in my brain.

Thought I’d start, appropriately, with the hotel. We stayed at the Michelberger Hotel which is in Friedrichshain, right by the East Side Gallery. I don’t think I could recommend it highly enough. I, for one, cannot wait to go back. The ambience in the bar/lounge couldn’t have been more spot on – if I hadn’t been lured to venture outside by gin-fizz and the other delights Berlin had to offer, I’d’ve happily stayed put in the hotel the whole time. All the photos below are from in and around the Michelberger.

Ps. The book of booze. Have they met me?


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