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i will collect them all for you in butterfly jars

I have a new idea for the blog. I know, it’s been a long time coming. It’s going to be weekly Sunday-ditty. I could’ve started it yesterday, but I felt the timing of such whimsy would be inappropriate. This Sunday it is, then. Bet you can’t wait!

So, other than coming up with fancy new blog ideas (don’t worry, there won’t be anything nearly as frightening as a change of scenery or anything!) I have been mostly reading. After my short, sharp fling with One Day, I ordered a few more books online (four, actually) and I’ve quickly demolished them all. That’s the problem with me – I’m an absolutist, especially when it comes to reading. I become addicted/infatuated/can’t-stop-til-I’ve-finished so easily. Sometimes, I wish I could just read a chapter or two a night, savour it like normal people do. But no; whoever said ‘it’s a real page-turner’, was surely thinking of me. But anyway, all this reading has inspired me, which can only be a good thing.

In other, final news, my Mum is like way ahead of the times. For my birthday last year she ordered me a little alphabet purse online. I use it to carry around a few essentials in my bag (I don’t like being bulked down with a full on make-up case). And as I walked past Urban Outfitters this morning, I spied the exact same ones through the window. Yeah, my Mum is so Urbz-Outz like that. Or rather, so ONE-YEAR-AHEAD like that. And also, remember the debate I once had about the letters American Apparel chose (or rather, deigned not to choose) for their alphabet t-shirts? Yep. Here too. Sorry, Frankie, this time F got the cut.


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