i’m ready to go anywhere, i’m ready for to fade into my own parade

Well hello. Firstly, apologies for missing the fads on Sunday. Think I’ve already mentioned it, but I landed myself a bit of work experience this week. You know, one of those Monday to Friday, nine to five thingies. So I spent Sunday swotting up and polishing my shoes (believe whichever of those you like). It’s only day two, but I must say I could get used to this being-home-every-evening lark. I’ve already had my dinner, got my pyjamas on, made a hot water a bottle and camped out in front of the telly, ready to watch the football. Bish/bash/bosh. I could also get used to this wearing-my-own-clothes lark! Can’t explain how refreshing it is to be able to choose a different outfit for each day. It’s making me look at my wardrobe completely differently. One day, my real life will be like this too.


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