in the citrus sucking sunshine, i don’t care, you’re not all there

Today, I got my hands on a Stone Roses ticket. Of course, it was not without tears or tantrums (I’ve been to Glastonbury five times and have never successfully got my own ticket). Obviously, luck wasn’t going to go my way this time either and I’m not going on the day I wanted. But I’ve gradually started to see through that disappointment and the butterflies have landed.

This is one of those musical moments I never thought I’d have. Up there with Bob Marley (yeah, yeah, I know, but I can dream). The Stone Roses have had such a massive impact on my musical life. Their self-titled album is in my top five. In terms of accomplishment and sublimity, it probably tops the lot. And coming from the fussiest person ever, that really is saying something. Until then, Roses.


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