it’s nice to get out in the morning

Overheard the most amusing conversation in the Topshop changing rooms this afternoon. (Yes, I was in the Topshop changing rooms, depressing myself by trying to squeeze into impossibly small and impossibly short shorts). Anyway, it went a little something like this:

Girl 1: Ohh god, I’ve put weight on.
Girl 2: No, you haven’t.
Girl 1: I have.
Girl 2: You haven’t, I can see you with my eyes, and you haven’t.
Girl 1: Oh god, I think I need the 12. Ohhhh.
Girl 2: Just go and get a 12 then. No-one will know!
Girl 1: I can’t go and get the 12!
Girl 2: Why not? I’ll go and get it for you.
Girl 1: No, no. I’ll just get the 10 and go on a diet.

Ha! The ‘I can see you with my eyes’ bit was my favourite. All the while I was having the exact same battle in my own head. And of course this conversation can be heard verbatim in a changing room near you. Go and listen, if only for entertainment value.


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