one day up near salinas, i let him slip away.

It occurred to me this morning: I forgot to do that year-in-photos thing that I’d got into the habit of. I seem to remember having a jolly old time putting them together for 2010 (here) and 2011 (here) – [yes, it’s beyond weird looking back at those] [and quite sad, actually]. Somehow that went out of the window this year. And out of the window it shall stay. So, in lieu of that, here’s more photos from this year. That’s how we’re going to play this game from now on. The pictures go like this: John power at the Brixton Jamm, flea-market finds, N1, that all-too-familiar Manchester scene, an artist’s secret, an artist’s shop, Mein Haus Am See, a Berlin bookshop, and 1960s Valentino couture.






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