what do you care about? and she says ‘this and that’

This week I have been mostly: watching the snow fall through my window and waiting for the shows to fall [into my lap, via the internet, all the way from New York]. There is yet to be a show that has entirely got me [nor I it], though there’s been more than a handful of looks that I would, if I could, wear. [Like, if I would even dream of wearing red or stepping out the house bare-legged.] [Like, if I had the life for them.] [Like, if any of those things could ever be the case.] Nonetheless, no harm in looking/wanting/needing. I’ve picked out my favourites below, consisting of the following – if a little unlikely – combination: 3.1 Phillip Lim, DKNY, Assembly. I haven’t included any Theyskens’ Theory, though that show is certainly worth a mention.