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we’ll run away from home, see the fountains of rome or maybe amsterdam

The boy and I have got a few days off together. Call it a holiday, if you will. We’re not going anywhere, but have just decided to spend the time sorting out the flat, stocking up the cupboards (we did our first ever online food shop – which I found far more exciting than I should), culling the wardrobe (which I find far easier than I thought I would – I can be ruddy ruthless, don’tcha know), all whilst continuing the ever-fruitless job hunt and creativity quest. Today we could even be found making some home-made bunting (out of the not-good-enough-for-charity wardrobe culls); if that’s not deviceful and staycation-ish, then I don’t know what is.

This evening we are staying in. All part and parcel of the staycation, you see. The boy has made me a g&t (he’s even given me two green straws to match the limes and folded one straw down in a cocktail-like manner – pluspointsplease). So, with a drink by my side, I decided I’d settle down with the laptop and share some groundbreaking photos (said with only mild disdain, of course). The boy took them of me on our little trip out to buy some ribbon for bunting – who’d’ve ever thought it. I am wearing: Rokit vintage shirt, shorts and belt, Urban Outfitters coat, satchel and necklace, and Topshop Aruba boots.