i thought you’d listen to my reasoning

…but now I see you don’t hear a thing.
Try to make you see how it’s got to be,
yes, it’s alright.

Things could work out just like I want them to,
if i could have the other half of you,
you know I would, if I only could.

This is an old favourite. I particularly like the leg movement at 0:58. He’s too cool. Plus it reminds me of the days gone by when there would be glass-rattling band rehearsals in our house, and then my brother would make me play bass when the rest of the band had gone so he could carry on practicing. Anyway, I’m back from my trip to Zurich (totally gorgeous, but the most expensive place I’ve ever set foot in) and it’s time, I’ve decided, to face up to real life. Here goes. (After I’ve watched Marriott’s moves one more time).