‘why are you so far away?’ she said.


if you gave me a fresh carnation, i would only crush its tender petals

I seem to have lost my blog voice a bit this week. Nothing new, I suppose. Not much to report, anyway. I’ve been working, eating things I shouldn’t, trying not to bleed money everytime I leave the house, delivering unwanteds to charity shops – all whilst being smack bang in the middle of a 933-page-novel which is super addictive. I’m having to fight the desire to hibernate with it (plus the unceasing desire to flick to the last page and read the last sentence of the book – am I the only one who suffers this torment?). This book is providing a welcome distraction from the drudgery of job-hunting; I see it as feeding my mind and preparing my soul for more of the same. Far-fetched? Probably. And now, an entirely irrelevant but entirely pleasing picture, just because.