you gave my life to me, set me free, set me free

The finest years I ever knew, was all the years I had with you.

So here you have it, as promised, my 2011 in phone photos. Having got these together, I don’t think I’ve done as good a job at recording the year as I normally would. I blame changing phones, changing apps and being generally indecisive. So, another resolution – take more phone photos.

January. Apparently I wasn’t on phone-photo-form this month. I could only find two. An appalling self-portrait and a dinner I was clearly proud of. It is only the interests of consistency that I am including these.

February. In fact, it seems I didn’t start the month off very eventfully at all. Apart from an important 50th birthday party, February was also sparse.

March. I remember being surprised that it was March already. My boy did some drawings (isn’t he good?). I did some writing (hmmmm). Boom.

April. Wedding celebrations, anniversary celebrations, blossom.

May. Silk shirts, spring salads (always delicious and always made by the boy, of course), pints of beer and football.

June. Festival-chic and shoulder-pad-chic.

July. I see a fascination with shirts emerging. More silk here. Along with weddings and general out-and-about-ery.

August. Birthday! Otherwise known as FOOD and BOOZE.

September. A dash of Indian summer, a dash of interior design, a dash of sadness, and a dash of general arty-ness.

October. Friends and music and changing hair.

November. Work experience. Jack Daniels experience. Another clock photo. Apparently I take a picture of the clock whenever I’m concerned that time is running away from me.

December. Suddenly seems I’ve got the hang of my new phone and its huge amount of mega-pixie-blah. Food, booze, presents, trees, lomography, hangover-food, milkshakes, home.


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