you know i need to go away

…to make anything happen.’ He closed the notebook and put his pencil on top, rolling it back and forth with his fingertips. ‘I have to be alone to get it started, but if I was really alone, that wouldn’t work either. I need to leave that place and come back here and talk to you. That makes it real and makes it stick. Do you get what I’m saying?

‘I think so.’ I walked behind him and put my head on his shoulder, rubbing my face into his neck. But the truth was I didn’t, not really. And he knew.

‘Maybe no-one can know how it is for anyone else.’ I straightened and walked over to the window where the rain came down in streams and pooled on the sill. ‘I’m trying.’

‘Me too,’ he said.

I sighed. ‘I think it’s going to rain all day.’

‘Don’t kid yourself. It’s going to rain for a month.’


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