fads of the week

So, here you have it, my fads of the week: round two. Who’d’ve thought I’d actually keep something like this up? I must admit, it’s helpful that I’m off today. Plenty of time and no excuses. Enjoy!

It has become increasingly apparent to me, that when you live with someone communication of the most banal kind becomes an absolute necessity. It is an actual craft that needs honing, if you will. So, when you find yourself saying something as banal as: This cloth has been used for glass-cleaning, I am placing it back in the drawer; please don’t throw it away, because in the event that you should ever need to clean glass, this cloth is more than up to the job; don’t worry that you personify banality, but simply remind yourself you are perfecting the valuable art of domestic communication. And then live happily ever after.

I want everything (clothes-wise) in navy at the moment. It’s just so much friendlier than black. Navy says cool/stylish/effortless, whereas black seems to say i’m-hard-and-lack-depth-and-imagination. I’m well and truly, in the navy.

Yeah, I might be a bit behind with this one. I think I’ve probably mentioned before, I sometimes panic that I don’t eat enough of the stuff. I mean, properly wakes-me-up-in-night panic. I think the biggest part of the problem is that we live in the city-centre and don’t have a car. Stocking up on fruit is therefore something of a burden. So we’ve looked at those fancy online thingys where you can have seasonal fruitboxes delivered to your door. But, being the fusspot I am, we decided it might be a bit risky. So, we’ve vowed to order fruit every week in just a normal online shop. Yeah, we have to do it manually, but at least then I won’t get any apple other than a golden delish. After all, that’s a risk I was not prepared to take.

No but seriously, I couldn’t live without them. It’s so easy for me to say they are my favourite food ever. Roast potatoes [or roasties, as the boy would say], jacket potatoes [baked spud], boiled potatoes [boilies], mashed potatoes [just mash], potato wedges [yep, wedges] sweet potatoes [hmmm], potato salad, bombay potatoes, potatoes in soup, potatoes in curry, and, of course, CHIPS (chunky, thin, crispy, soggy, salty, on a plate, in a cone, on the beach when sober, on the street when drunk). I’ve probably forgotten something. But I’d like to this opportunity to say: I love you, spuds, you are my nearest and dearest.

Ernie K-Doe.
There are no words for how much I love his voice. It’s my favourite sound this week (and maybe even ever). Completely addicted. Rather than take my word for it, have a listen for yourself. It took me ages to choose which song to put on here, but I reckon this one just about covers every reason why this voice is just so uhhhh.


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