we fell in love on a wednesday mornin’

When I walked into Topshop the other day, I did immediately regret having my hairstyle changed recently. You’ll remember how I deliberated over it massively (I might’ve even mentioned it once or twice). But in the end I did it. Got rid of the beautiful bowl and had a fringe properly cut in. Partly because it’s much easier for me to maintain myself (my hairdresser lives down south, don’tcha know) and partly because I think I might actually want to get to a stage where I can tie it up for once. But anyway, when I saw these mannequins, I felt instant, gnawing regret. Apparently, I was just way ahead of the game. P.S. Excuse the terrible picture – I always feel naughty/stealthy/rushed when taking photos in shops, as if they’ll think I’m trying to steal their ideas (when in fact they’ve rudely stolen mine).


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