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It’s been ages – years, probably – since I’ve had guilt-free days off. Thanks to my situation post-graduation (yeah, that graduation that I didn’t even go to – so left-wing), my days off have come to be little but an opportunity to job-hunt and better myself. Obviously, I’m human, and sometimes I need days off and holidays to recuperate, so it doesn’t always go that way. If I do ever have a day off on which I laze around or drink booze, I always have tinge in the back of my mind that I should be doing something more productive. In the last couple of weeks, however, with a little bit of work experience and some freelance work on my side (hopefully marking a shift in my luck and some promise for my future) I have felt that guilt lifting, ever so slightly. Not that I’ve had a day off, of course. But today, I do! My first in 20 days. My parents are on their way up, my guilt’s on it’s way down, and we’re going to shop and, naturally, drink booze. For this reason, this is my only fad this week. I literally couldn’t concentrate on one more thing. (Except the dentist. More on that feat another day.) And in celebration of this day off? Ska.


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