and on it i will pile all the flowers of the mountain

I had a spam comment yesterday which enthusiastically stated: “this blog is extremely cool! how can i make one like this!” Yes, double exclamation. I wasn’t fooled for a second.

So, how does one make a blog like this? These days, I’m not quite sure. Metaphorically speaking, I’m uninspired. Physically speaking, I’m having a ‘mare. My primary concern is the fact that the font on the blog is showing up differently on my laptop to how it is on the computer. The laptop is showing how it should/always has looked whereas the computer is doing something horrible to it. The boy has fiddled with the firefox settings to bring it back to nearly-normal, but it’s still not right. So, I’m a little (translation: a lot) concerned that you are all viewing the blog in this new, bogging, firefox-update format. So, if this is the case, just so you know, it’s NOT HOW I WANT IT TO LOOK and you should all fiddle with your settings so that my blog looks right again. THANKS.

That’s it, folks. Like I said, I’m a little uninspired. I finally finished that mammoth novel I was involved with (Shantaram, if you must know) and now feel like there’s a bit of a void in my life. Also, don’t you think I’m doing a grand job at not mentioning the unmentionable thing which is a feeble four weeks away? (Actually, 3 weeks and 6 days, if we want to be pedantic). Will ye go, lassie go.


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