don’t come round here expecting votes, see who charts the course on a sinking boat

Have concluded that I must tweet less if I am to blog more. So many of my ideas are frittered away in throwaway tweets when they could be better spent on here. I mean, you’d love to hear more about my hangovers and the like, wouldn’t you? And my penchant for chips, my weather reports, my mooching, my obsession with Made In Chelsea (yes, you may roll your eyes at this point), and, of course, the fact that I saw Paul Scholes on a big red bus yesterday and then heard the news that he has retired today (unrelated, obviously, but of great interest nonetheless). I’m sure you would.

I’ve got an afternoon off today. Lovely. Am going to drink iced coffee, eat fruit, watch catch-up telly, read all those papers/magazines which are stacked up beside my bed so far un-read and make Glastonbury-lists. Yes, you heard – GLASTONBURY LISTS. Eeeeeeeep! I’m doing unbelievably well in not hyping it up (probably because I want to lose about a hundred pounds before it and I actually wish I had more than three weeks in which to do so). Lists I will make, pounds I will probably not lose. BLAH.


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