got your mind set on a dream – you can get it, though harder them seem now

So, it seems that time spent down south did the trick. Loads of London and loads of cider. Plus, I started a new job today. New job – new wardrobe, that’s what I say. So, despite the fact that I’m having to fight the urge to type this in hashtags, things are moving forward. Took me a while there, I know. Here’s some snaps from the weekend that was. Oh, and the present the postman had left for me when I got back. I literally haven’t turned it off. And it literally hasn’t stopped lifting my heart since – not even for a second.

music, photography

whenever she’s feeling empty

…whenever she’s feeling insecure,
whenever her face is frozen,
unable to fake it anymore,
her shadow is always with her,
her shadow can always keep her small,
so frightened that he won’t love her,
she builds up a wall.

oh no, she knows where to hide in the dark.
oh no, she’s nowhere to hide in the dark.
she’s a star. she’s a star.

she’s been in diguise forever,
she’s tried to disguise her stellar fuse,
much brighter than all this static,
now she’s coming through.

don’t tell her to turn down,
put on your shades if you can’t see.
don’t tell her to turn down,
turn up the flame,
she’s a star.