fads of the week

I’m super pressed for time today. I’m frantically trying to get an application form filled in before going down south on Thursday. But I wouldn’t have forgiven myself if I hadn’t got my fads up. They will be slightly more scantily-clad today and largely music based. And I think I will cheat with a little help from youtube. Here you are: my latest and greatest. See you next week.

The Springtime Anchorage.
Formerly known as The Great Northwestern Hoboes. I love The Hoboes, which means I’m way excited for this new venture. Check out this for a cover:

Nina Simone.
Does this need any explanation? Honestly, I’m not just trying to write as little as possible, but I couldn’t do her justice in words. I don’t want to dictate, so please just see this as a nudge to go and listen to a track of your choice.

I mean, after all, we do live in Booze Britannia. It would be rude not to.

Retro Olympic Logos.
My favourite is Montreal 1976. I want it on my walls. It’s in another realm entirely to the monstrosity that is the 2012 logo.

THIS MOMENT from High Fidelity.
I will never not love this. I will never forget my surprise the first time I saw it. Oh, plus the film is great (even if it is American). Go watch.


everyone seems to know the score

The world cup final. Without England. Should be used to it by now, shouldn’t I? However, I’m allowed to wish things were different. Of course I’m still going to watch. I’m allowed to be bitter though, aren’t I? To soften the blow we have bought the ingredients to make mojitos. Yum. I will take a sip of my mojito every time there is a corner. And every time there’s a free kick or a goal kick or a throw in. And a foul. And a dive. And a whistle blown. Oh, and any goals! Or any hitting of the post or bar or any misses of a more spectacular variety. And if there’s a penalty, who knows what I’ll do. Basically, I’ll be drinking my mojito throughout. It’s the only hope I’ve got.