fads of the week

I’m super pressed for time today. I’m frantically trying to get an application form filled in before going down south on Thursday. But I wouldn’t have forgiven myself if I hadn’t got my fads up. They will be slightly more scantily-clad today and largely music based. And I think I will cheat with a little help from youtube. Here you are: my latest and greatest. See you next week.

The Springtime Anchorage.
Formerly known as The Great Northwestern Hoboes. I love The Hoboes, which means I’m way excited for this new venture. Check out this for a cover:

Nina Simone.
Does this need any explanation? Honestly, I’m not just trying to write as little as possible, but I couldn’t do her justice in words. I don’t want to dictate, so please just see this as a nudge to go and listen to a track of your choice.

I mean, after all, we do live in Booze Britannia. It would be rude not to.

Retro Olympic Logos.
My favourite is Montreal 1976. I want it on my walls. It’s in another realm entirely to the monstrosity that is the 2012 logo.

THIS MOMENT from High Fidelity.
I will never not love this. I will never forget my surprise the first time I saw it. Oh, plus the film is great (even if it is American). Go watch.